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Credentials - Institute for Independent Business (IIB) Accreditation

In November 2006, Bill Dreshfield received accreditation from the Institute for Independent Business as an Executive Associate. This means that Bill first passed the Institute's rigorous selection process, and then undertook the Business Development Consultancy Program, consisting of several months of distance learning, followed by attendance at the week-long Residential Business School. By being accredited, Bill demonstrated that he has the knowledge and experience to provide valuable support to the owners of small to mid-sized businesses.

Another advantage to the business owner is that through the IIB network, Bill has access to several thousand other accredited independent consultants, all of whom have a wide range of experiences and areas of expertise. A business owner can be reassured that somewhere in the IIB network of associates, there's a consultant who has either worked in the same industry or had a client that did.

The IIB also conducts research into the world of small business owners. They share the latest ideas with associates via monthly calls and webinars, newsletters, and via regional face to face meetings.

For more information, please visit their website at www.iib.ws/us.

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